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GCI is the world's pioneer and leading green computing accreditation and certification body with the objective of creating awareness and providing education on green computing/GREEN IT technologies. GCI has been the stewards of the industry standard Eco-Friendly Green Computing Definition (EFGCD®) since 2007.

GCI certification courses thoroughly cover 4 of the top 10 IT Trends over the next 3 years identified by the Gartner Group namely, virtualization, cloud computing, data center efficiency and green computing.

All 8 GCI human competency certification tracks have been meticulously designed to comply with ISO/IEC 2382-36:2008 for training materials and course content, ISO 17204 for certifying competence through the certification programs, ISO 50001 for the latest Green Datacenter standards and ISO 14000 for environmental management & sustainability.

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GCI Offcial Self Study Options Available

GCI's only official self-study solution to complement our instructor-led courses. Our self-study formats delivers a robust educational experience that is flexible and accessible for working professionals who need to work while completing their GCI certifications.