GCI self-study training courses enhance any individual’s place in the workforce. Everyone in today’s society carries more tasks on their plate, and not enough time to complete the list. Why not commence your advancing career plans at home, in a relaxing environment? Our multi-modal approach to self-study training options provides the necessary skills for you to become and remain competitive in the workforce, also giving you the edge in attaining the education and increased salary you desire. Affordable and convenient, our self-study courses are an easy solution to begin your personal education, as effortless as sitting in your living room and making an online connection.

Currently, three official courses are available via self-study:

1. Understanding and Utilizing Green Computing Technologies(UUGCT) which prepares you for the Certified Green Computing User Specialist certification exam.(CGCUS03)

2. Strategizing, Designing and Optimizing Green Computing Technologies(SDOGCT) which prepares you for the Certified Green Computing Architect certification exam.(CGCA01)

3. Implementing, Managing and Optimizing Green Computing Technologies(IMOGCT) which prepares you for the Certified Green Computing Professional certification exam.(CGCP02)

Self-Study options currently include:

Green Computing Online Academy

- Browser based online course content
- Internet connectivity required
- UUGCT Fees: USD150.00 for 3 months access
- SDOGCT Fees: USD250.00 for 3 months access
- IMOGCT Fees: USD350.00 for 3 months access
- Accompanied with a Student Validation Code that allows you to register for a GCI Exam
- Exam fees are not included

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